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Looking for promotional products for kids, and fun-loving adults, that are unlike any other? We have an exclusive line of products that is completely inspired by something all kids love – animals! See our line of bags, drinkware, lunch gear, bookmarks and tablet cases all inspired by birds, beasts and insects and see that the next big thing in safety education and school promotions is Paws N Claws custom products.

Browse over 100 different Paws N Claws promotional products at Foremost Promotions and make your selection according to your favorite products or your favorite furry, feathered or scaly creature. We have backpacks, duffels, coin pouches, water bottles, lunch bags, bookmarks, cinch packs and tablet cases , all of which have been designed to look like cats, dogs, monkeys, lions, tigers, bears, dolphins, sharks, eagles, elephants, koalas, frogs and so on. The selection is virtually endless!

Choose your favorite animal according to your school, event location or program and then pick the products that are right for you so you can add your logo and let your important cause take on the fun and whimsical spirit that the Paws N Claws product line creates. Choose one animal and let it be your safety mascot or order an assortment and let your excited kids and students pick for themselves.

Get your own Paws N Claws custom gifts on our secure website or call us at 800.431.3473 so we can help you get started today.

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