Top Giveaways for Your 2019 Fire and Public Safety Expos

If you’re preparing for any upcoming trade shows and expos in 2019, you’ll be pleased to find that Foremost Promotions offers an abundance of giveaways that are not only eye-popping and useful, but budget-friendly. After all, the ultimate goal at an expo or large event is to get as many eyes on your important message as possible and then make a lasting impression for the future. Well, we’ve got just the thing! Here are just a few of our top trade show giveaways for all of your upcoming fire, police or EMS expos.

LED Light Key Chain

This handy gadget is the perfect giveaway for expos that get a plenty of foot traffic. Budget-friendly and useful, the LED Light Key Chain comes in your choice of 5 vibrant colors with white trim, has a .5″ W x .75″ H space for your company or department logo and is sure to attract a large crowd of interested prospects to your trade show booth.

Cozy Clip Hand Sanitizer in Neoprene Sleeve, .5oz.

Any expo attendee who has had to travel to your show will appreciate a hand sanitizer giveaway! This Cozy Clip Hand Sanitizer in a Neoprene Sleeve allows recipients to easily attach the small, citrus scented sanitizer bottle to a convention tote, backpack or a belt loop with the attached clip.

Dennisson Mesh Pocket 300D Drawstring Backpack

This combination 300 denier polyester and non-woven cinchpack is the perfect blend of form and function, with an attractive two-tone design and a durable construction. It’s also incredibly budget-friendly, making it the perfect giveaway for any police, fire or EMS themed convention. Fill them with your printed materials or hand them out as is.

Badge Crazy Frio Can Cooler

Can coolers are always a hot item at trade shows and this particular style allows you to add even more customization than is typically available. That’s because of the of die cut badge shape that provides you with a space for your own office or department’s badge art. Each cooler fits a standard 12 oz. can and collapses for easy storage.

Fire and Home Safety Pocket Sliders™

If your focus is on home fire prevention and safety, our Fire and Home Safety Pocket Slider™ is another excellent, budget conscious choice. Each high quality UV coated and interactive pocket slider provides several tips and statistics regarding home security, fire prevention, fire escape plans and first aid.

Custom Head Individually Wrapped Lollipop

You can get a major reaction out of visitors to your booth while barely leaving a dent on your budget with our Custom Head Individually Wrapped Lollipops. Add a logo or important safety symbol to the candy and then provide your important contact information on the stick. Once you’ve left your impression, recipients will have a sweet treat to enjoy while walking the trade show floor.


There are thousands of products at Foremost Promotions that are perfect for any fire, police or EMS trade show. Shop them all at our site and remember to save on your set-up fee by shopping before the end of the month and using coupon code: WINTER39.



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