The Doors Gets Covered for Fire Prevention Week

During Fire Safety Prevention Month fire departments everywhere use a number of new or tried-and-true methods of spreading awareness and educating on the importance of preventing fires and what to do in the event of one. This year however, one fire department has tried something pretty extraordinary. The Atlanta Fire Department created an educational and hilarious music video of their cover of 1660s rock band The Doors’ song, “Light My Fire”.

In their fire prevention themed music video, shot in mixed sequences of firefighters in the fire station, in and alongside fire trucks and even riding on bicycles, the creative and fun loving department is shown singing the words, “Come on now prevent that fire. Be the person we admire. Come on now prevent that fire. Sing it like you’re in a choir!” to the classic rock tune.

Foremost Promotions would like to applaud the Atlanta Fire Department for their innovative and fun take on teaching about fire prevention – and for making us laugh! Here is one fire prevention lesson that won’t be forgotten any time soon!


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