Texas Child Reminds Us of the Importance of Smoke Alarms

As fire prevention week approaches, we have recently been reminded of the importance of this year’s fire prevention theme, “Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives, Test Yours Every Month,” by a nine-year-old hero from Texas who chose the safety of those around him over the ultimate dream toy.
Hector Montoya had saved for months to buy himself a PlayStation 4, a gaming system coveted by children and adults alike, when he was moved by a tragic story in the news about mother and child who perished in a tragic fire because their home was not equipped with smoke detectors. When Hector’s mother explained to him that many needy families don’t have smoke alarms, he decided to do something about it. Instead of buying himself a PS4, Hector purchased nearly 100 smoke alarms for the residents in his community and later helped install them in various needy homes with the assistance of his local fire department.
As fire officials, educators, and parents, we strive to teach our children the importance of fire prevention and hope that they take these lessons to heart and commit them to memory. It is incredibly satisfying and inspiring to see a child teaching these same lessons to his entire community. Since this year’s fire prevention week theme is focused on smoke detectors, Hector’s selfless actions come at the perfect time to help promote awareness on the subject.
Too many home fires go undetected and result in fire related injuries and fatalities.  The importance of properly installing and maintaining smoke detectors in every home is immeasurable. It can make the difference between life and death.
When a fire starts in a building and smoke spreads, smoke detectors provide enough warning for families and pets to evacuate safely, but they can only do so when they are properly maintained. Testing smoke alarms every single month is the simplest and most effective way for residents to be sure that they will be warned in the event of a home fire. Without proper warning, there is no protection from the dangerous possibilities.
This year, as always, we are helping to promote the fire prevention theme “Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives, Test Yours Every Month.” Spreading awareness about the need for smoke alarms in every home is a life saving step in the right direction, and our young fire safety advocate, Hector, agrees.
“It felt really awesome that I was helping people,” he said.
Well Hector, Foremost Promotions thinks it was awesome – and so are you!

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