Stay Informed with Resources at Your Fingertips from Foremost Promotions

Customers who are well-acquainted with our website still may not realize that there is much more than just a huge selection of educational and promotional products offered there. In fact, several additional resources are readily available to anyone who happens upon our site. Here they are.

Our Blog

You’ve already discovered the first of our helpful resources – the blog. This is your weekly offering of new product highlights, event planning advice, special sale announcements and even the occasional tips and information on various fire and public safety related topics. If you’re regularly checking our blog, you already have a leg up on upcoming events as well as all of your safety education and promotional needs.


Our resources page is one you may not have seen but could certainly benefit from using. Located at the bottom right of our website, this is a link to a wealth of information related to fire safety education. From the technical workings of a fire extinguisher and the science behind smoke detectors to the histories of the Great Chicago Fire, the first volunteer fire company and even Dalmatians as the American firehouse dog, there is information here that is both useful and interesting as fire safety educational material. We even provide important tips on preventing forest fires, educating children on fire safety and prevention and the various ways you can practice fire safety every day. For educators, this collection can serve as a fundamental resource for your fire safety education curriculum.

Brands and Specialty Stores

Finally, our Brands and Specialty Store pages offer a way for you to narrow down your search and find the exact products that you need, based on either your personal preference or the specific event that you’re shopping for. Located at the bottom left of our website (as well as the top right), our specialty stores link opens up a page where you can shop solely for Fire Prevention Week Products, 911 educational handouts, National Night Out giveaways and much more. This is shopping tailored to your very specific needs to help you save time and confusion.


As always, one of the most valuable resources for you is at the end of our customer service telephone # 1-800-431-3473. Our team of highly experienced promotions specialists can answer all of your questions about products and services and point you in the direction of the most appropriate items for your needs. We’re like Google for educational and promotional products! So, browse our online resources or call our team for one-on-one assistance today!

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