Sports & Fitness Giveaways for This and Next Month’s Major Events

April is National Youth Sports Safety Month and in May we observe National Physical Fitness and Sports Month as well as Global Employee Health and Fitness Month. It seems to be the prefect time to promote your safety initiative or treat your staff or volunteers with appreciation gifts that coordinate with the current sports and fitness theme. Here are just a few of our top picks.

Digital LCD Pedometer Watch in Case

Sleeker and more manageable than a standard pedometer, the Digital LCD Pedometer Watch in Case has all the functionality of a watch and a pedometer combined. Aside from recording up to 99,999 steps, the device also counts miles, kilometers and calories.

Foam Football, 8″

At outdoor events, you can encourage a fun game of touch football or have students toss these 8 inch Foam Footballs around for a bit of exercise. The football is completely customizable, allowing you to choose both the top half color and the bottom half color before adding your important sports safety message.

Full Size Yoga Mat and Case

Yoga is one of the most popular class exercises that nearly all fitness professionals recommend. It’s effective as an exercise method as well as a stress reducing activity. Our Full Size Yoga Mat and Case comes in your choice of a whopping 14 color choices, has a 1/8 inch thick mat and is the perfect appreciation gift for all the yogis in your staff.

Backyard Baseball

A game of backyard baseball is a fun pastime and a great introduction to teams sports, especially baseball. With this Wiffle® style ball, kids can develop skills in baseball without the use of harder, more dangerous equipment and then graduate to the real thing when they are capable of doing do safely.

Champion’s Jump Rope

A simple and extremely effective workout, jumping rope burns calories, builds endurance and doesn’t require a gym membership. Our Champion’s Jump Rope features comfortable EVA handles, available in your choice of 4 vibrant colors, and a 9′ long polyester jumping rope.

Pee Wee Basketball Hoop Set, 9″

Basketball lovers and kids who would like to become more acquainted with the popular sport will love this 9 inch Pee Wee Basketball Hoop Set, complete with backboard, net, hoop, mounting accessories and ball. What’s more, your audience will be looking at your logo and important safety message for the entire duration of play time.

There are thousands of products at Foremost Promotions that can help you bring awareness to the sports and fitness themed events in April and May while also promoting your department, business or safety initiative. Shop today to find the one that’s right for you!

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