Silly Promotional Gifts for Children and Adults

Who says promotional products can’t be fun – or even silly? The latest additions to our vast and ever expanding collection will get a chuckle out of even the toughest crowds. So, why not put your important message in the comedic spotlight with one of these fun and silly promotional giveaways!

Glow-in-the-Dark Slime

Sure, we know how fun slime can be. Most of us have kids who would rather sit in their rooms with a glob of slime than do just about anything else these days. For an added dose of fun, however, this particular slime glows in the dark! That’s right, our Glow-in-the-Dark Slime container turns up the fun and will have all eyes on your logo or important message at your next community event!

Fun Barrel Game

This classic family game is now available for your promotional needs! Each barrel comes in your choice of the three primary colors, red, blue and yellow, is filled with 12 monkeys and includes your company logo and important safety message or clever slogan on the top. This is fun and appropriate for kids of all ages, large and small.

Fart Putty

Yes, you are seeing this correctly. It is Fart Putty. Each is a container of neon colored slime that emits a hilariously flatulent sound when fingers are pushed into the container and air pockets are forced to burst and then reform again. Fart Putty is available in a large assortment of colors and is great for light-hearted events where fun-loving kids and adults will be in attendance.

Tall Cowbell

If you’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell, then let Foremost Promotions be your pharmacy! I cannot tell you how excited I was to be able to type those words, right here! All joking aside, our┬áTall Custom Printed Cowbell is the perfect addition to your marketing efforts at pep rallies, sporting events, parades, Blue Oyster Cult tribute concerts and much more. Special thanks to Christopher Walken.

Fun Dough

For children’s events or anything to do with the arts and sculpting, our custom printed Fun Dough can be a unique and creative addition. Each tub of colorful model dough comes in your choice of red, yellow, blue or green and includes your promotional message and logo on the lid.


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