Shop Now for School Gear & Safety Products for Back to School Season!

It’s almost time to send the kids back to school! In the midst of all this excitement, it may be easy to overlook the new safety issues that arise when the new school year begins – but Foremost Promotions has got you covered. If you’re a school, police department, fire company or even a concerned parent, we have the back to school safety themed giveaways that will help remind kids to think and stay safe when the new school year begins.

Call 9-1-1 Emergency Education School Kit, Stock

The Call 9-1-1 Emergency Education School Kit includes classroom essentials, such as a pencil and pencil pouch, pencil sharpener, a ruler and an eraser, that all help teach the important lesson of when to dial 9-1-1 in an emergency. Each kit combines useful school supplies with an educational message and throws in some more fun items, like stickers, tattoos and magnets, to make the perfect welcome back to school gift for students!

Traffic SafetyAfter School Safety and Practice School Bus Safety Coloring & Activity Books

Our coloring and activity books help children commit important safety lessons to memory by making them fun and engaging. During back to school season, topics to focus on include traffic safety, school bus rules and safety, after school safety tips and stranger danger. Each of these important topics are covered in our collection of custom printed coloring and activity books.

Bully Free Zone Mood Pencil

One of the most important topics in child health and safety at school is bullying. Most schools have implemented educational programs and zero tolerance policies in regards to issues and incidences of bullying. Our mood color changing Bully Free Zone pencils can be customized with a school name or important message and help remind students that there is help and guidance available.

Mood Color Changing Eraser

Mood color changing erasers are fun school supplies which provide you with enough space to add an educational message and contact information. Use this space to provide students parents with important school contacts or as reminders of safety educations lessons covered throughout the year.

Call 911 Emergency Laminated Safety Ruler, Stock

Further emphasizing Emergency 9-1-1 education is this colorful, useful and informative laminated ruler. Pre-printed and ready to ship immediately, these rulers, as well as many other items we keep on stock, are suitable for any kind of budget you may be working with.


Foremost Promotions has many more back to school safety themed items available in stock and with customization. Shop our collection today to see how you can make a major impact on the safety education of students this upcoming school year!



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