All the Promotional Giveaways You Never Knew You Needed


At Foremost Promotions, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your important message the exposure it deserves. In fact, you can spare your budget and make a huge impact on your audience by selecting a custom giveaway that everyone needs – whether they’ve realized it or not. Here is just a handful of promotional giveaways you, as well as your customers, community members and volunteers, never knew you really needed.

ColorBurst™ Microfiber Cloth, 3″ x 2″

If you own a mobile device, eyeglasses, sunglasses, a camera, iPad or tablet (in other words, if you’re a human), then you might be pleasantly surprised at how incredibly useful microfiber cloths can be. These surfaces collect the kind of dirt, smudges, and fingerprints that a regular cloth or paper towel just can’t properly clean and might possibly scratch. What’s more, our ColorBurst™ Microfiber Cloth includes your full-color custom imprint, making them not only useful but a very effective part of your marketing strategy.

ICE Cooling Wrap Sport Towel, 12″ x 32″

If you’ve ever exercised, gone for a walk or hike, done some yard work or simply run a few outdoor errands in the relentless heat of summer, you’re going to discover that you need this particular item. The ICE Cooling Wrap Sport Towel is activated by water and becomes cold to the touch for a prolonged period of time. Drape it around your neck or press it to your forward for a cooling sensation that’s instantly refreshing.

Seat Belt Cutter Auto Safety Tool

While no one likes to think about life-threatening emergency situations that could happen at any moment, it never ever hurts to be prepared. Our Seat Belt Cutter Auto Safety Tool is a potentially life-saving instrument capable of breaking car window glass and cutting through seatbelts. Your event attendees, customers, community members and volunteers will feel an immediate peace of mind when you hand this out to them.

Atlas Laser/Stylus/Flashlight Pen

It’s a ballpoint pen. It’s a stylus. It’s an LED flashlight! This product makes a great case for itself – and anyone who doesn’t think they need our Atlas Laser/Stylus/Flashlight Pen must be a very handy person indeed! The rest of us will be snatching these up and keeping them in our handbags, pockets or glove compartments for when there will be an inevitable need for them.

Snack Memo and Chip Clip, 6″

The magnetic chip clip is a product that just about everyone can use but few feel motivated to purchase for themselves. Well, thanks to you they won’t have to! From unruly bags of chips and snacks to casual notes left on the refrigerator door, these little gadgets will help you master simple everyday tasks. Add your own logo or safety message to keep it front and center in every household.

Want to take a closer look at even more unbelievably useful giveaways for your next event. Just visit our online collection to find the custom gift that will impress your audience and keep your important message visible for a long time to come.

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