Police & Safety Education with Promotional Products

There are a few challenges a police or safety officer can meet when teaching children and students about various safety topics. It can be difficult to hold the attention of older children, while younger children can be easily frightened by certain subjects. Another challenge lies with making sure important points from the lesson are remembered later on. Custom promotional products provide the extra needed assistance in these areas.

Carefully chosen promotional products can help transform educational lessons into experiences that are fun, enjoyable and memorable. They can also reinforce important lessons by providing a stimulating gift that will remind them of the learning experience after the lesson has passed.  Furthermore, by including your office or department name and contact information, you are providing each student with the resource for the information they have learned and additional instructions on what to do in emergency situations.

There are many types of important safety lessons and events where promotional products can be found extremely useful. National Night Out is one annual event with major educational value, like learning about crime prevention and drug resistance, that can benefit from the help of promotional products. Custom printed products like pencils, stickers or informational guides can advocate such lessons and help children commit them to memory. Custom drink ware or glow in the dark products are also often a hit for National Night Out celebrations and serve as a reminder of the importance of crime prevention and neighborhood safety long after the event has passed.

Another major annual event that is often preceded by several important safety lessons is Halloween. When Halloween approaches, children are taught the importance of staying with a group, obeying township curfews and not talking to strangers when out trick or treating. Custom trick or treat bags, safety whistle lights and reflective strips and wristbands are excellent products that not only help teach the lesson, but provide tools to help kids stay safe as they partake in the fun Halloween tradition.

When teaching children about the important role local police and safety officers play in the community, products like junior police or sheriff hats, badges and tattoos are a big hit. Children are given the opportunity to role play, imagine themselves as an officer of the law and learn to look up to and appreciate their local police force and what they stand for.

One product that is extremely popular and can help reinforce just about any safety themed lesson there is, is the custom coloring and activity book. Each coloring and activity book can provide a child with hours of fun and educational activities while focusing on one major safety topic. Book titles include Say No to Drugs, Always Wear Your Seatbelt, Learn about Crime Prevention, Dial 911, Police Officers Are Our Friends, and more.

No matter what the focus of your safety lesson might be, when educating children you can be sure that implementing promotional products into your teaching approach will help make your safety education program an enjoyable, effective and unforgettable one.

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