National Safety Month 2019’s Topics and Giveaway Ideas

National Safety Month is coming up in June! It’s time to brush up and gear up for all your health and safety in the home or workplace events and activities. Every year, one major safety topic takes the main focus for each week in June. The 2019 topics are Hazard Recognition, Slips, Trips and Falls, Fatigue and Impairment.

To help you make the most of every safety centered week during National Safety Month, we’ve selected a custom giveaway that’s suitable for each major focus.

Week 1: Hazard Recognition

Fire Hazards Pocket Sliders™

Fire is just one type of hazard that might be detected at home or in the workplace but it is an extremely important one. This Fire Hazards Pocket Slider™ helps shed some light on fire hazards that can originate from electrical equipment, kitchen appliances, heating systems and even storage areas at home and work.

Week 2: Slips, Trips and Falls

Laffy Taffy® Snack Kit, featuring “Slips, Trips, & Falls Are No Laughing Matter”, Stock

You can reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls by keeping a safe and tidy work and home environment but reminding others to be cautious will go the extra mile in reducing accidents. Our Laffy Taffy® Snack Kit, featuring “Slips, Trips, & Falls Are No Laughing Matter” provides this important reminder in a fun and, most importantly, delicious way!

Week 3: Fatigue

Healthy Snack Pack Energy Trail Mix, 2.7oz.

Employees should never be pushed to their limits or overworked to the point of fatigue but the problem can also arise from personal issues, like lack of sleep or poor diet. You can help combat issues of fatigue by providing a healthy snack with an encouraging health and wellness message. Our Healthy Snack Pack Energy Trail Mix is the perfect choice!

Week 4: Impairment

Stop Sign Stress Reliever

Drinking or using drugs on the job is reckless and dangerous no matter where one might work but in situations where heavy machinery or unstable or toxic chemicals are used, it can be downright catastrophic. The Stop Sign Stress Reliever provides a clear reminder to stop unhealthy habits, especially in the workplace, as well as plenty of space for your important safety message.

We have hundreds of custom giveaways for National Safety Month on our site. Be sure to browse the entire collection to find ideas, inspiration or the perfect promotional product for your upcoming event!

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