National Night Out and Products to Help Light Up the Night

National Night Out, August Night or National Night to Unite are all variations of the same nationwide event where residents and police work together to stand up to crime and keep their communities safe and secure. The annual collaborative effort between law enforcement and community members consists of various exercises and celebrations, most of which take place after dark.

If your town is taking part in National August Night, you can help promote the event while also ensuring the safety and well being of participants with products that light up, flash or glow in the dark. Here are a few of our favorite products to help you light up the night this August.

Dual Function Blinking Light

With 2 different settings and a swivel clip for attaching to bags or pant loops, this Dual Function Blinking Light will keep kids occupied and, more importantly, visible at all your National Night to Unite events. Add your important safety message or company logo directly to the blinking light.

Flashing LED Bicycle Tire Valve Lights

Kids on bicycles can stay visible to cars on the road while also participating in your August Night festivities. This Flashing LED Bicycle Tire Valve Light will do the trick, attaching easily to any car, bicycle or motorcycle’s tire valve, activating with movement and producing a swirling array of flashing colors while in motion.

LED Hand Fan

Visibility might not be the only hazard to contend with at this year’s National Night Out event. There is a good chance the heat might be an issue as well. Our LED Hand Fan can help you deal with both! This plastic, light up hand fan is perfect for keeping cool and lighting the way through dark neighborhood streets.

Multicolor LED Pint Glass, 16oz.

Block parties and barbecues can benefit from a little extra light after dark – and you can provide that in a fun and unexpected way. Just serve your picnic or BBQ beverages in these 16 oz. Multicolor LED Pint Glasses with your logo or important safety message. Each glass has 3 featured light effects: random, steady blink, and constant-on.

Safety Whistle Light

Let safety and awareness efforts continue on long after your event has ended by handing out these Safety Whistle Lights. The dual function key chain features a loud safety whistle and a red key-light with space for your important safety message on one side.

Light Up LED Tube Bracelet

A fun option for kids and teens is the Light Up LED Tube Bracelet, which easily bends around any size wrist and contains strobe flashing LED lights. Available in 9 colors, including rainbow, these simple, affordable and fun giveaways will turn your August Night event into an instant success!

This is just a small portion of the promotional items found in our National Night to Unite Specialty Store. Shop the entire collection to find the items that are perfect for your upcoming events next month!

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