FPW is Nearing! Here’s All the Fire Safety Themes You Can Find at Foremost Promotions.

The official theme for this years Fire Prevention Week Event, as announced by the NFPA, is “Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware – fire can happen anywhere.” This is an extremely important topic to focus on during Fire Prevention Week, but it’s not the only topic. At Foremost Promotions, you can find educational and promotional giveaways that concentrate on nearly every fire safety issue there is. So, to make it easier for you to decide which topics you want to emphasize this year, here is a list of our fire safety and prevention themes, found throughout our online store and catalogs.

Practice Fire Safety Every Day

One of our most popular themes, Practice Fire Safety Every Day can be found across many products categories, from coloring and activity books, pencils and school supplies to cinchpacks, litter bags and balloons. Even toys, such as foam footballs and soccer balls and flyers can be found with this important fire safety theme pre-printed on them.

Visiting the Fire Station

A visit to the fire station is a common part of Fire Prevention Week education in most communities. That’s why we have a large collection of products featuring “I Visited the Fire Station” and “My Visit to the Fire Station” designs. These provide a way of making each visit to the fire station feel like an educational accomplishment that constitutes a reward for each child involved.

Replace Fire Alarms Every 10 Years

As an important reminder for every household, our products featuring the “Replace Fire Alarms Every 10 Years” theme can be geared towards children as well as adults.

Test Your Smoke Alarms

Another important smoke alarm reminder, “Test Your Smoke Alarms” themed products are available with a number of stock designs all meant to teach the importance of testing smoke alarms for efficacy twice a year.

Hear the Beep Where you Sleep

2015’s official Fire Prevention Week Theme was “Hear the Beep Where You Sleep: Every Bedroom Needs a Working Smoke Alarm.” This is an extremely important topic for fire safety and prevention, which is why we still offer products with this theme today.

Have 2 Ways Out

“Have 2 Ways Out” is another recent Fire Prevention Week theme and is available at Foremost Promotions in a number of specific designs. Some variations include “Every Second Counts. Plan 2 Ways Out,” which was the official theme for 2017’s event, and “Have 2 Ways Out. Practice Your Escape Plan,” the message that is taught by Exit Plan Elizabeth, a member of our exclusive Fab 5 Fire Safety Squad.

The Fab 5 Fire Safety Squad

Speaking of the Fab 5 Fire Safety Squad. A number of the most popular fire safety and prevention education topics are stressed by each of the members of our exclusive super hero squad. Members include Emergency Ernie, Exit Plan Elizabeth, Smoke Alarm Sally, Stay Low Stacy and Stop-n-Drop Sam.

Never Fear. Firefighters in Gear.

When firefighters arrive geared up to battle fire, their appearance can be frightening to children. This theme helps them remember that these firefighters are there to help them to safety.

Firefighters Are Our Friends/We’re There Because We Care

Further emphasizing that firefighters need not be feared and will show up in an emergency to help, our “Firefighters Are Our Friends” and “We’re There Because We Care” themes are available on school supplies, drinkware, bags and countless other promotional items.

Call 911 in an Emergency

Knowing when to call 9-1-1 in an emergency and when to simply seek the help of an adult is another crucial lesson for children and teens. Our product line featuring this important theme is vast, as a result.

Bee Smart. Don’t Let Fire Start.

Our charming firefighter bee reminds kids to “bee smart” by avoiding situations in which a fire can start. Dozens of products at Foremost Promotions are available with this exclusive design and theme.

Don’t Play with Fire

A classic theme for Fire Prevention Week, “Don’t Play with Fire” products can be found throughout the entire website and in most of our catalogs in both custom and stock options.

Stop, Drop and Roll

If a piece of your clothing should happen to catch fire, the best course of action is to stop, drop and roll. This is an important fire safety tip that has been taught to children for decades and is still relevant and effective today.

When Fire Strikes. Get Out. Stay Out./Stay Low. Crawl Below.

A good companion theme to the “Have 2 Ways Out” design is either of these themes designed to explain the quickest and safest ways to exit a home or building in the event of a fire.

Jr. Firefighter

Pretend play offers a valuable opportunity for children to commit important fire safety lessons to memory by emulating their local heroes, the firefighters. Foremost Promotions offers jr. firefighter themed fire hats, badges, cinchpacks, certificates, stickers and much more.


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