Foremost’s Top Fire Prevention Week Giveaways

It seems like it was just yesterday that your department gave their yearly Fire Prevention presentation to the children in the community. The time has come to give that important presentation to new youngsters that just started school this year, or the same children as last year. Whichever the case may be, you can never over emphasize the importance of fire safety. Teaching tools and giveaways help remind children of fire safety, as well as make it a little less scary for the younger ones. Finding the right products that appeal to a variety of children can be time consuming, and a little overwhelming. With over 40 years of experience making Fire Prevention Week memorable for children across the nation, we have picked 6 bestselling products that will make your presentation a success.


Firefighter Hats– Available in a variety of colors and styles, firefighter hats are great for younger children because at that stage in life, pretending is important in early childhood development. They also help familiarize children with firefighters, to make them less frightening.


Coloring & Activity Books– Illustrations are excellent teaching tools, because they help explain actions to children, especially those who may not know how to read yet. Coloring books also offer fun hands on learning that further instill important fire safety practices and tips. Also, don’t forget the crayons!


Stick-On & Clip-On BadgesBadges are fun for kids because it makes them feel like they are part of the squad. It also helps them learn that fire safety is everyone’s duty, not just the firefighters.


Wrist BandsSilicone wrist bands are great for all ages, and have become increasingly popular with adolescents. With a multitude of color options, safety messages, mood changing and glow styles, you can choose one that fully represents your department.


Stadium Cups– Functional, yet informative, stadium cups are good for all ages. Giving kids something with a fire safety message on it that they will use on a regular basis, will act as a reminder of what they learned at your fire safety presentation.


Classroom Kits– When all else fails, classroom kits are a fast and easy way to get fully prepared for your fire prevention presentation. With all of the essential items in one package, you won’t have to worry if you left out anything important. Simply choose the kit that will accommodate the number of attendees, age group, or specific fire prevention focus.

We hope that these suggestions will make planning your presentation less stressful, so that all you need to worry about speaking in public!



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