Add Some Color to Your Important Safety Lessons with Coloring & Activity Books for Kids


It may be surprising, but a simple coloring and activity book or box of crayons can go a long way in helping young children and students commit important safety lessons to permanent memory. This comes as a result of injecting just a little bit of fun into a subject that can otherwise seem frightening or overwhelming. With the help of these simple and inexpensive gifts, you can make a major impact with your educational efforts while providing hours of entertainment at the same time. Foremost Promotions believes in the value of these incredible products and that’s why we’ve stockpiled our collection with more than a few variations of them. Here are a few of the options you can find in our coloring books & storybooks superstore, as well as the crayons and colored pencils to accompany them.

Coloring & Activity Books 

Over 300 different titles of coloring and activity books can be found at Foremost Promotions, all of which have been carefully selected to help teach and enhance important lessons in early childhood education. These titles focus on topics covering all aspects of fire safety and prevention as well as various public safety topics, like drug abuse prevention, stranger danger awareness, wearing your seat belt and many more. Each 16-page coloring and activity book follows a specific storyline and teaches each important lesson in a way that is not only fun, but also memorable. What’s more, you can add your own company, station or department name and logo to the front cover of any book of your choosing.

Crayons & Colored Pencils

You can make your custom coloring book giveaways complete by adding crayons or colored pencils to your order without effort having to stretch your budget too thin. Select one of our various custom printed options and add your own logo, or choose from our collection of stock crayon boxes, pre-printed with our exclusive fire safety, police, emergency 9-1-1 and patriotic designs.

Sticker & Coloring Activity Books 

Our 8-page sticker and coloring activity books offer the same fun, yet educational, activities paired with stickers that are relevant to each individual topic. The Bike Safety Sticker & Coloring Activity Book, for example, teaches the basics of staying safe while riding a bicycle through word puzzles, coloring sheets and fun, bike safety themed stickers. Your name on the front cover provides the perfect finishing touch.

Story Books

If you’re looking for something with a little more permanence, our custom printed storybooks educate on important safety topics with unique stories that can be kept or passed along for future reading. Our Fire Safety Storybook tells the story of a firefighter who travels to a school and teaches children about various fire safety and prevention lessons. This is a clever way of allowing kids to put themselves in the shoes of their local firefighters and more easily develop an understanding of the role they play in the community.

Coloring & Activity Books w/ Masks

A collection of our coloring & activity books are perfect for children who like to engage in pretend play or for Halloween safety promotions. They are the Coloring & Activity Books with Masks. Each one is a standard, 16-page coloring & activity book, but has a pop out mask as an added bonus. The Flash the Firefighter Coloring & Activity Book w/ Dalmation Mask pictured above has a tear out firehouse dog mask that can provide hours of entertainment.

All About Me Books 

The All About Me Books are among the newest and most exciting additions to our Coloring & Activity Books collection. By inserting a child’s picture into a built-in slot in the book, he or she can become the main character of the story. Choose from a long list of titles, like Home Safety and Me, and let each child take on the starring role while learning how to prevent accidents at home and how to avoid the hazards that can be found in almost every household.

Be sure to shop the rest of our collection at Foremost Promotions to find the coloring books, storybooks or crayons that are just right for your next educational program!

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