A Winter Safety Recap

As distributors of fire and public safety promotional products, we post an abundance of safety tips on our blog throughout the year. So, at the risk of sounding redundant, we’ve decided to do a complete winter safety recap of our past posts outlining important safety tips for nearly all aspects of life during the winter season.

1. Clearing Fire Hydrants After a Snowfall

While you’re out shoveling the snow from your sidewalks and driveways, its important to remember that clearing fire hydrants of snow could be even more pertinent than freeing up a walking path. The time it takes for firefighters to access these critical water sources in the event of a fire can make the difference between a near disaster and absolute tragedy. However, who exactly is responsible for making sure every hydrant is cleared? It depends. To quote our previous post:

The responsibility of clearing fire hydrants varies from town to town, usually falling on either the residents, the water department or the city. Unfortunately, this fact ends up causing a lot of confusion and frequently results in hydrants remaining obstructed for far too long. This also creates an issue in large cities where there are hundreds of hydrants and not enough city employees to get them all cleared fast enough. For this reason, we say it never hurts to pitch in and help, even if the job is not your own.

In short, it might be best to think of it as everyone’s responsibility and, in this case, the adage, “better safe than sorry,” could never be truer.

2. Safe Winter Driving Tips

We all know how easy it is to lose control of a motor vehicle on icy or snow covered roads – which is why it’s best to avoid driving during a snow storm all together – but if you must travel in a winter storm, these safe winter diving tips are best kept in mind.

3. Winter Pet Safety

It might be hard to believe that, despite all their fur, our pets need protection from the winter chill, but they can just as easily be harmed by extreme cold as we can.  Follow these basic tips for winter pet safety and you can ensure their comfort and health is right on par with yours this winter.

4. Winter Heating Safety Tips

Whether you rely on gas or electric heat, a wood burning fireplace or even a kerosene heater to keep your home cozy when it’s cold outside, staying abreast of a few of these important winter heating safety tips can ensure you make it through the winter completely accident free!

5. Snow Day Safety for Kids

Finally, nearly every child’s favorite words during winter. Snow Day! It truly is a joyous occasion and what better setting for playtime is there than a winter wonderland, where you can topple to the ground without fear of the usually resultant “boo boo”. Unfortunately, however, there are some hazards involved with this type of frolicking, but if you follow these simple tips on snow day safety for kids, you can easily avoid mishaps.

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