5 Tips for Planning a Successful Fire Prevention Week Program


Fire Prevention Week is nearing. Do you have a plan for how you’ll make this year’s fire safety and prevention program a success? If you’ve been at this for a few years, you know it’s not as simple as it sounds, and if you’re new to the game, you could likely use a few helpful tips. Here are five simple pointers for making sure your community gets the most out of this upcoming Fire Prevention Week.

  1. Hang Banners

If you want to increase awareness amongst your community members that Fire Prevention Week is approaching, hanging banners and posters around town will do the trick. Adorn your firehouse, the town hall, elementary schools and even busy food or retail locations, to make sure that everyone is informed. Official FPW banners are available from the NFPA, or you can order your own custom printed banners and include your fire department logo, an important fire safety message and a reminder for an upcoming Fire Prevention Week event.

  1. Get Adults Involved with a Fun Drawing

If you want to get adults involved in FPW as well, the best resource is right at your fingertips. Use your social media or local publication to inform them of a prize drawing or raffle you will be conducting along with a fire safety-related activity. You can distribute raffle tickets to residents who pass a smoke alarm check or post a fire safety and prevention quiz online for community members to fill out and submit in exchange for a chance at a prize. This is an easy way to increase community involvement in your program.

  1. Host an Open House

Though many fire officials travel to the classroom for fire prevention week, nothing trumps the excitement of visiting the firehouse for a kid. Inviting local children to attend an open house event with parents will provide them with a first-hand look at what goes on at the station. You can create several different learning stations, where a specific fire safety topics are focused on, and take advantage of the perfect opportunity provide participating kids with fire prevention gifts and giveaways.

  1. Have Activities Ready for Kids

If you’re planning on visiting classrooms during your Fire Prevention Week Program, you’ll want to provide students with some activities that are both fun and educational. At Foremost Promotions you can find, fire safety coloring an activity books, complete with word puzzles, word finds, mazes and fire safety lessons, as well as fire safety fun kits for kids of all ages. The easiest way to make your fire safety and prevention lessons memorable is to make them fun.

  1. Throwing a Party? Make it a Fire Drill Party

It’s common for fire station celebrations and community block parties to take place during Fire Prevention Week. These activities help build a sense of pride in the community and bring residents together under the common goal of learning to protect and loved ones from fire – not to mention they are a whole lot of fun! One way that people are making the fire safety and prevention theme extend into these events is by tying in fire drills and escape plans. Schools and businesses throw parties that commence at the end of a successful fire drill and neighborhoods gather for a block party once every family has practiced their escape route. Working towards an enjoyable reward helps encourage participation in a possibly life-saving practice.

Keep these simple strategies in mind when it’s time to start planning out your fire safety and prevention education program and you’ll be sure to make this upcoming Fire Prevention Week an event to remember.

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