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Fire and Public safety kits

Huge Assortment of Fire and Public Safety School Kits for the Classroom and More

Children learn best through play, and our public and fire safety kits are a great way for them to do so. Fireman hats/kits and police kits let kids pretend to be in your shoes, and they teach them to respect emergency personnel, avoid getting into trouble and to go to police and firemen when they’re in danger. If your police station or firehouse is planning a public safety or fire education seminar, you don’t have to do it alone.

Our kits are especially useful for successful National Fire Prevention Week and public safety education school programs. Either choose from a great selection of in-stock products OR add your fire department/police station name and custom message to make your community education promotions unique and memorable. These fire and public safety educational tools are fun giveaways for young school students that help you get your message across to them.

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Fire & Public Safety Education Kits

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As you know, when it comes to fire and crimes, children can never be too safe, and taking preventative measures is the best way to ensure their safety from fires and crime. It’s the job of every fireman and police officer to stop fires and protect those in danger, but stopping crimes and fires from ever happening in the first place is the most effective way to fight them.

It can be difficult for children to understand just how important it is to practice safe habits and avoid trouble. You can help. You can make it easy. You can give them the fire and public safety education they need, and these fire and public safety aid kits will help you do it.